I am sorry to report that nothing very exciting happened today. I attempted to sleep in, but was interrupted from 5-8am by the sounds of water and scraping as the tilapia pond was being cleaned. The end result was a clean pond, four surviving tilapia, and one goldfish. I slept until 10AM, when Senam yelled through my window to make sure I was ok. Everyone was very concerned that I may be ill. For the rest of the day I relaxed indoors obsessively checking my email and being bored.

Idle time left me ample chance to think. I am unhappy today, mostly because I am without purpose. As a student right now I would be getting ready to hit the town with my friends, all the while worrying about all of the assignments I need to complete. Instead I am sitting idle with no friends, no work, and no motivation. If I wasn’t so stubborn I would consider coming home. I am tired of dealing with a six year old (who has a bad cough and has been vomiting). I am tired of sweating, I am shocked that they really booted Conan O’Brien for the tonight show, and I really could go for a Wendy’s milkshake. All of this has led to laziness. I have put less effort into these blogs and I have pushed my friends at home away which doesn’t help my gloominess.

I’ve also had enough banku over the past two days to last a lifetime. It is to the point where I had to force myself to eat dinner tonight. It consisted of room temperature okra stew, heavy on the okra, with smoked fish and a piece of pork skin and fat. Oh yes, and banku…

On a happier note, I am recovering from last week. Sleeping in has really helped my exhaustion. Tomorrow I think I will go for a walk through the neighborhood. I would like to take some pictures and I will post the good ones.

I could really use a drink.

Practical Ghanaian Travel Tip # 23: Ghanaian television is a mixture of programs from the U.S., Europe, and India, as well as local and Nigerian programs. You can watch Desperate Housewives at 9pm, and a Bollywood film at 10pm.

Practical Ghanaian Travel Tip #24: doesn’t work here. 

4 Responses to “Banku”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    oh that sucks about hulu lol, I lived off that site before we could aford cable!

    Dont get to down about being away, if you were home you might be bored wishing you were far away because all your friends were busy… Just saying, you can have crummy days anywhere so dont be sad =)

    I dont even know what banku is…ok just googled it.. gross lol… well some people have bread with every meal (or fries if your my husband lol) so I guess its just something you will have to deal with… maybe you could make “american dinner” one night? macaroni and cheese or something haha!

    I know you mentioned meeting alot of guys and getting along with them better, but arnt there any girls? I mean, if the guys want to go clubbing with you, there must already be other girls. You need to hang with them so that you can have a drink in a less “marry me now!” environment =)

    Guess that artist didnt draw you? Are you uploading all these pictures you are taking to some site I dont know about?

    If you get terribly bored email me, I check that the most often

  2. Mom Says:


    Remember what works, “It’s all crack”. Meet me on FB at 5:30 your time, in 4 hours.

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