Just Beat It


I beat SOS Children’s Village today
I beat culture shock (I think?)
Ghana Beat Nigeria 1-0
And thusly, children are singing “Beat It” by Michael Jackson in the streets

Today was my last day at SOS. I spent the day reading with the children, who did remarkably well. I also took a few last photos (my photos are all on Facebook now) of the school and the children. It was a bitter-sweet day. I will miss the children, even the ones who drove me crazy (such as the little boy who yelled to his friends ‘I will hit her breast and run away!’ in Twi while raising his lunch bucket towards me). I will miss the freedom to do as I please. But I will not miss the boredom. These two weeks has proven I would have made a burnt out teacher by 25, and that I would never have bowed to the politics of education. On the other hand, I am looking forward to finally getting to what I came here for.

Tomorrow morning at 6:30AM I will be leaving the Tema station on an air-conditioned charter bus to Kumasi. I am going for the weekend to explore and to refocus before starting the second chapter of my journey. I hope to buy cloth there, as the Ashanti are famous for their weaving skills, and to take great pictures. I also hope that I come across no trouble. The hotel I am staying at has a garden and a bar- the perfect combination for a weary traveler. And there is a lake very near to it, which should provide added entertainment. I hope that I meet other travelers and can share experiences with them. I hope that the locals are just as nice, and treat this obruni fairly. Most importantly I hope that I can figure out how to get back.

After Kumasi I will be going to Volunteer Partners for West Africa. I will go either on Monday or Tuesday and settle in. My feelings are mixed at this point. On the one hand I am excited to begin working, but on the other I fear the same situation as with RUSO. I am comforted by having actually met the Director and seen the living and working spaces, but that nagging fear still remains. I suppose my anxiety wouldn’t be able to let me proceed without some discomfort.

I may or may not be able to blog on the weekend. Kumasi has many internet connections throughout the city, but I may get wrapped up in exploration. I will most likely return on Sunday, but there is a possibility that I will come back on Saturday evening (Senam wants me to go to church on Sunday morning to meet the women’s group there). At any rate, I will return to tell all about the adventures that I had. I will be sure to record it all in my journal so that I can recall the details clearly on Sunday.

Ghanaian Practical Travel Tip #33: Remember your powder. The heat makes you sweat, and crevices begin to chafe. ‘Nuff said.

Ghanaian Random Fact #34: Tilapia is the most popular fish eaten in the country.

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  1. Mom Says:

    POWDER POWER!!!!!!!

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