Accra Mall


Today was very interesting. In the morning, Justine and I made our usual trek to the microfinance office, and sat chatting with Ben while we waited for women to come. A few came in the afternoon to pay their debts, and one woman made her last payment, finishing the cycle after 1.5 months, 2.5 months early! At about 1:30PM I left with Hayford and Katherine to go into Ghana for a package of toys for the local orphanage and to find an ATM. Our first stop was the post office, which took forever to get to.

The post office was a large, open space that seemed more like a warehouse. We went to several booths before choosing the right one, and then waited while the attendant talked on her cell phone. The other one at the window put on her iPod. After this, we went to the next window, where a man looked through Katherine’s package. He decided that it was worth 66 Cedis worth of taxes! That’s about $40 for a box of mini koalas that were made in China! Anyhow, after half an hour at the post office, we then went to the Accra Mall.

At the mall there was anything you could want. There was a Levi’s store (which I totally plan to hit up sometime), a Puma store, a variety of cell stores, and many marts. I left with a chocolate bar and two bottles of wine, along with some cash from the ATM. The mall was filled with white people buying various things. It looked quite like any mall you would find in a city.

In the evening I got movies from Justine. She brought hundreds of movies on an external hard drive (she says they are from a friend and she doesn’t care if they are legal or not) and they were all recently made and in English. I also got the software to play them for her, so my evening was spent watching Knocked Up and drinking Milo.

Ghanaian Practical Travel Tip #43: If you can, try to pick up a few Twi phrases before traveling to the country. Not only will it help you communicate, it will make people more comfortable with you and give you many witty comebacks to the locals.

Ghanaian Random Fact #44: The current President of Ghana won the last democratic election by a fraction of one percent.

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