The Surprise in the Kitchen


I had a very bad stomach ache all day. Between the stress of changing environments and eating at ply-board shacks everyday this week, my stomach finally caved. Unfortunately for it, no matter how much it complained, I was not using the toilet behind the office. In this ‘building’ are several stalls with toilets, walls, floor, and window, all covered in brown matter (most of which was still wet). Not a single woman came in to pay her loan, but we did get many visitors- everyone seems to think that VPWA is an information desk. There is also a crazy man that sits outside of the office windows. He spends the day breaking rocks and inscribing sayings in the wall.

In the evening I was supposed to go into Accra with Justine to meet up with her friends and hit a few bars. My stomach was still really upset though, and I didn’t trust that there would be a reliable toilet so I stayed in. I watched In Bruges.

Since not much has happened in the way of excitement I will give a health update:
Body: A gazzilion mosquito bites, greasiness, dirtiness, a sore knee, and several blisters.
Mind: Ups and downs between feeling acclimated and completely out of my element. Also, my memory is shot. I am wondering if I have some sort of nutrient deficiency because I can’t think anymore.

As for the title, at around 1AM I went to the kitchen to get water, and maybe chance something to eat. As I approached the door, I heard a rustling inside, and when I stepped through the entrance I found a Togo-German man wearing only a green pair of tighty-whiteys. After exchanging awkward hellos I got my bag of water and left. So awkward.

Ghanaian Practical Travel Tip #43: Hand-washing should be done every few days- not every two weeks.

Ghanaian Practical Travel Tip #44: Public urination is an accepted practice in Ghana. Beware of seeing someone’s junk at any moment.

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