“You Resemble a Man”


Today started slowly. I stupidly agreed to a morning walk with Numo and Katherine, but woke up at six and told them I wasn’t going. After a second wake up, I had a proper shower, had breakfast, and then waited with Katherine for her friend Yaw to call about the family party.

Yesterday I was invited to a party with Yaw’s family and I accepted, interested to see what it was like. When he finally called at 3pm, Katherine and I prepared ourselves and met him at the trotro stop. We got on and traveled to West Dome, where we got off and met his family member, Alex. We all walked through slimy water, a field of high grass, and past numerous plantain farms before getting to the family’s home. There we met about 15 members, and settled in for the afternoon.

I ate fufu, which impressed a lot of the family (fufu is notoriously difficult for westerners to swallow), and Katherine spoke a few Twi phrases. Between the two of us we managed to win them over. I also gave my information to Yaw (not the same one) who works for Ethiopian Airlines and will help me get a flight.

About halfway through the gathering the family meeting began, led by the eldest son present. The family spoke of contributions to the family fund (put in place for any sort of emergency someone might have- hospital fees, job loss, etc.) and then moved onto when they were having a party. Apparently it had been over a year since the last one, and with Yaw #1 I managed to get them to hold it before I left. It will be in Aburi, a hilltop town a bit north of here, on March 6th (Independence Day) and there is a cover charge of 30 Cedi. We will party through the night, and then attend church the next morning before returning home. I am quite excited.

I noticed during the meeting that although a man leads it, everyone has an equal say. In some instances the women were much more vocal with their opinions. Also, the meeting often was disrupted by children or a beverage run, and it was filled with humor. I haven’t seen a family talk that pleasant in a very long time.

After saying our goodbyes Katherine and I walked back through the fields, stopping to take pictures. Halfway there, we stopped to speak to three women sitting in front of a shack, and the first thing they asked was if I am a boy or girl (granted I did look like a five year-old boy today). When I said I was a girl, one said “Well you know, you resemble a man”. I just said thank you and we all laughed. What can I do? We eventually made our way back to the trotro stop. We waited for a long time with no success on getting one, then took a shared taxi with two children to Pokuase. I would say that she is a fun person to travel with, it’s a shame she will be leaving on Wednesday evening.

No tips today… try back tomorrow!

One Response to ““You Resemble a Man””

  1. Chelsey Says:

    I wonder if it is a compliment or an insult?

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