How to Play Cards in Ghana


1. Shuffle the decks by slapping the cards together in a very masculine way.
2. Allow the person you are playing against to cut the deck.
3. Deal 3 cards from the bottom half to each player, then 2 for a total of 5 cards each.
4. Aggressively slam these cards down one at a time to see who has the highest card of a particular suit.
5. The last round is what determines the winner of that game.
6. Keep score till 30.

Yes, I learned how to play cards (there is only one card game in Ghana) and I have to say I was quite good at it. That was all I did at work because Justine was working from home on the Street Library project and the power went out at 10AM and stayed out for the day in the office. Ben and I had fun with it, though. We both are quite competitive, so we got into it very much. I won the first thirty points, and then he beat me by one point when we continued to fifty.

In the evening, Justine and I continued our tradition of sitting in the common room together, surfing the web. I got into a web comic called Toothpaste for Dinner, and we both caught up with friends and loved ones back home.

It was a pretty normal day. I haven’t felt homesick recently, which is a welcomed relief. It seems as though I am building a routine for myself, and I now feel like the next month and a half will fly by.

No tips today, although I did see an awesome sticker in a meat pie case. It said “I’m Afraid of Everyone” in large red letters, then in the center there was a hand with its finger pointing at the reader (think Uncle Sam posters) and the caption said “Even you!”. There are some things I will never understand about Ghana.

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