Back to the Old Grind


Today was much like Mondays past. Justine and I went to work tired from the weekend. After a silent breakfast we waited for Dawn to finish getting ready, then headed into work an hour late. We took payments from several women and waited for far too long for the fried rice to be finished at the chop bar we usually eat from. Hayford came for a brief while in the early afternoon to check on us and then left to do whatever he does everyday. In the afternoon I interviewed another woman who finished her repayments- we are up to eight now. She is very nice, and I am sad that I am getting to know the women at the end of their journey. She sells cooked food in Amasaman, but travels to the north to buy her supplies. Originally she was buying on credit, but has since been able to buy the supplies outright and keep all of her profits.

By the time we returned home all of us were quite tired. I had the inkling to go out, but decided that I didn’t feel like moving, so settled for talking and going to bed early.

Something that has stayed on my mind recently is how comfortable I have become living in Ghana. Yes, getting sick here is scary, and yes it is a rough life in comparison to what I am used to in the United States, but I enjoy it. Ghanaians are friendly people with good intentions. Most of them want to do better for themselves and their families, and are grateful to have people help them achieve this. With that said, I am excited to see Botswana in a month. I hope I don’t chicken out with the giraffes.

2 Responses to “Back to the Old Grind”

  1. Rebecca Schwartzman Says:

    Giraffes! They don’t run wild around campus. You pay to see them. Getting to class would be much more exciting, though, if they did…

  2. Chelsey Says:

    it always seems so much better and happier in places where there isnt much. We take to much for granted

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