La Beach and the New Volunteer


La Beach and the New Volunteer

This morning I woke up early to accompany Hayford and the new volunteer, Laralynn, on the Accra city tour. I did so, not because I wanted to see the sights again, but because it was a free ride to Labadi Beach. After the tour, Laralynn came with me to the beach, which was relatively nice considering most beaches are used as toilets in the country. We sat under a large umbrella and watched the waves and the locals swim. What was interesting was that the beach was full of foreigners, but very few actually went into the water. Further down there was a large group of fishermen casting their nets and several soccer games being played. Every once in a while people would come by selling necklaces and paintings, but weren’t pushy. It was all in all a very enjoyable experience.

Afterwards, we decided to go to the Cultural Center (where Dawn bought her souvenirs the Monday before). Many of the artists recognized my face and asked me if I was back to buy whatever item I had expressed interest in when I went to their shop before. We looked around for a while without buying anything, and then left when the heat and solicitation got to be too much. This is when I introduced Laralynn to her first FanIce. She became obsessed… I’ve created a monster.

We then headed to Osu to see what it had to offer. I have never walked down Oxford Street (Ghana’s most famous, although I am not sure why) so it was nice to see all of the stores and people. It wasn’t all that impressive though, since most of the stores were banks or food chains. We had lunch at a place called Mamma Mia’s where they had pizza and pasta dishes. Unfortunately, their ravioli items (1/5 of the pasta menu) weren’t available, so we ended up with two pizzas. I finished mine, along with two Cokes (massive stomach ache after!) and Lralynn took her leftovers for morning cold pizza. We waddled to the main road, where we took a taxi to the National Theatre. We were lucky enough to arrive just before a performance was to start, but they refused to let me in wearing flip flops! I wouldn’t have minded if their logic was more sensible. It was acceptable for me to be in shorts and a t-shirt, but not sandals. Anyway, with my stomach churning I was okay with not staying. I am sure the performance was at least two hours long, and as with everything else in Ghana, I am sure it didn’t start on time. Behind the theatre, we met two comedians who tried to befriend us but we were set on getting home- it had been a long day.

We headed to Circle and got a trotro home. Later that evening both of us were feeling restless, so we went to the bar. The plan originally was for us to go with Hayford, but he was in a meeting that lasted until 1AM, so we left without him. We took a trotro to the next stop north (still in Pokuase, which brought many confused and irritated looks by other travelers) and went to the rooftop bar. We sat and watched people dancing and got to know each other. Eventually a man came over and introduced himself. He told me that he wanted to be my best friend and take me out, and I told him that maybe we would see each other at the bar again sometime. Then he said that he had seen me at the mechanic’s shop (which is actually located right next to Nuumo’s house) and this creeped me out a bit. I told him that I pass there sometimes, and that I would say hello next time I saw him. It was very tiring talking to him, and eventually Hayford showed up, which finally got rid of him. So the three of us sat for a while, but went home since it was late and we planned for an early start the next day.

Practical Ghanaian Travel Tip #66: At the bar, the bill is calculated at the end of your stay. Also, it is acceptable and advisable to ask for the price of drinks since it will vary greatly depending on the establishment.

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