“Let’s Find Mischief and Merryment!”


Today we went to the office before 9:30AM for the first time in many weeks. The reason? The eager new volunteer (whose name is spelled Laralyn, not Laralynn). Tuesday is now our busiest day as most of the recipients have finished repaying, so we had many people coming in and out of the office. In the morning a man from KNUST, the major university in Kumasi, came to interview VPWA and its recipients. I was quite lost in translation, so after sending him away I called him to come back to speak with the women. Dorcas had waited to tell me that he had spoken to Hayford and gotten approval (I found out later in the night that he didn’t actually get approval). The rest of the day went by smoothly, however.

That afternoon we went to teach English at Madam Aisha’s school and sat for half of the class period while Aisha took control again. By the time we left I decided that I wasn’t teaching on Thursday since I was incapable of doing anything right. Ahmed, a leader in the Muslim community walked us through a shortcut to the trotro station, and along the way we met the Chief of the Muslims of Amasaman. After saying hello he turned to me and asked in Twi if I loved him. I laughed and then left…I was definitely not expecting that. Further along the path we came across a woman pounding fufu and stayed for a meal of fufu with pepper soup (so good! The beef was the tastiest I have had here). Laralyn had trouble managing the fufu which was funny while Justine ate like a pro.

When we went home I had a refreshing shower (no electricity all day made for one smelly Christina) and rested for a while. Eventually Laralyn and I decided that we wanted to do something, so we decided to find merriment and mischief. We decided to head towards Accra to see what we could, so we got ready and were just about to leave when the hibernating bear called Justine came out of her room. The water had run out by this point, so we convinced her to come with us instead of staying alone in the house. And she agreed.

When we left the compound, however, we felt raindrops. We decided to stay in Pokuase and see what we could since home wouldn’t involve a dirt (mud) road at the end of the night. We went to one bar which didn’t have any cold drinks, and then made our way to the rooftop bar. There we relaxed watching African music videos. Justine kept yawning so after the storm passed (temporarily) we returned home. Laralyn and I regretted taking her along for the ride since neither of us were actually tired (it was only 10:30PM). So we stayed up and talked to Hayford for a while, and then fell unconscious in our room.

Practical Ghanaian Travel Tip #67 (For Women): Skirts are amazing things. Not only are they cool, they are much more socially acceptable in Ghana than shorts.


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