The Monday Blues


The Monday Blues

I was cranky after not getting much sleep the entire weekend. On top of all of that I had to travel into Accra to Air Namibia to try to get my ticket. I set off with Hayford since I was carrying a large amount of money, and he dropped me off at the building. I made my way up to the third floor and into the Air Namibia office (the doorman told me I look like a Namibian…) and sat at Vera’s desk. I explained the whole situation to her and we worked together to find the best solution. In half an hour I left the office with a ticket to Botswana and a bounce in my step. I made my way to Amasaman to finish out the day at the office. That day another woman finished repaying her loan so I conducted her interview and wrote an updated profile for her. By the time the evening rolled around I was exhausted so I rested for the evening, not interested in any sort of nightlife adventures. All in all it was a great day. My goal of getting my ticket was achieved, and it started to hit me that I would be leaving soon, on the 31st to be exact.

Ghanaian Practical Travel Tip #69: If traveling to another country after your stay in Ghana, either book your ticket before leaving your place of origin or allow for at least one month prior to departure to get your ticket. They surely don’t make it easy here.


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