Makola Market and How Time Flies


Today Laralyn, Meggin and I went on a road trip to Accra. I was supposed to sleep and relax all day, but I woke up needing to get out of the house and find adventure. The plan was for us to go to The Loom, an upscale art gallery near Circle, and then to split up at the National Museum. I would walk down the street to the Museum of Science since I had already been to the National Museum. Afterwards, we’d meet up to go to Makola together in search of souvenirs. When we got to The Loom we realized that none of us could afford any of the paintings. Most of the work was abstract and seemed to come from classically trained artists so it wasn’t very appealing to me. The woman who owned the place was nice, though. She went to school in Britain and had a no nonsense attitude. We talked to her about the challenges Ghana faces and her experiences abroad for some time.

Afterwards we went to The Orangerie for lunch (I went there the day I went to the National Museum as well but Laralyn found it in the guidebook and wanted to try it). Service was slow, like usual, but the food was once again excellent. We talked while we waited for the food and Meggin sat mostly silent. I had a roast chicken sandwich (amazing), Meggin had a roast beef sandwich (she didn’t like it, of course), and Laralyn had eggplant squash and sweet pepper on toast. Afterwards we realized it was already getting late and Laralyn had to be back by 1pm for her dance lessons, so we went straight to the market.

At Makola our main priority was finding fabric. We found some early on and bought a shopping bag full of rolled prints and then moved onto finding beads. That was more challenging. We had to go to the Makola Shopping Mall (really not a mall but a two story building with vendors and people sleeping in the stairwells) to find some, but they didn’t look all that great and they were overpriced. At the end of that adventure it was time to go home so we got a trotro to Circle, then one to Pokuase. About halfway through that leg the air suddenly got cold and within five minutes we were in middle of torrential rains. The dirt road was washed out, people were digging trenches to try to drain the water off of their property and all of the sellers were nowhere to be seen. Laralyn called Richard and confirmed that class was cancelled since it was outdoors and we thought about walking up the hill to the house in pouring rain with all of our purchases.


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